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Non-Profit & Small Business Consultant

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I help small businesses, start-ups, and non-profits solve operational problems. I work with organizations across social sectors to think through strategic business planning and build financial, operational and HR systems. Organizations, particularly start-ups and non-profits, can get messy. With over a decade of experience directing non-profit operations and development in sectors spanning technology to international development to healthcare, I specialize in partnering with leaders to tackle those challenges that plague every organization. Whether you need to build a business plan, write a grant proposal, develop your Board of Directors, or handle financial management, I can work with you to fix the problem.

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Chief Operating Officer, SIMLab

As COO of SIMLab, I was appointed to set strategic direction, revamp financial and operational processes, develop the SIMLab Board of Directors, and build work culture, creating a space for the CEO to step back from operations and into a more externally-facing role. I worked to overhaul a tangled web of financials in entities spanning the US, UK, and Kenya; upgraded policies and procedures to improve fiscal and regulatory compliance; created strategic, personnel and project management processes, coordinated team activities and task management; and recruited and developed a brand new Board.

2016 - Present

Director of Operations, Global Integrity

I was brought to Global Integrity as Director of Operations – a newly formed role created to tackle operational challenges and position the organization for growth. During my time with the organization I overhauled all financial and accounting processes and procedures resulting in improved efficiency and compliance; revamped and implemented improved performance appraisal and employee development process; and implemented a comprehensive review and overhaul of all employee and organizational policies and procedures, including implementation of legally required policies resulting in improved compliance.

2014 - 2016

Director of Development, American Nurses Foundation

In this senior leadership position I was responsible for all aspects of revenue generation for the foundation, as well as management of the fundraising team. In my role I successfully designed and implemented a fundraising strategy to emerge from a deficit and meet revenue goals while designing a comprehensive development strategy to increase revenue.

2013 - 2014

Director of Operations, Loudoun Free Clinic

As Director of Operations I led a staff of 7 and team of 200+ volunteers, managing all aspects of finance, HR, operations, and development. In this role I worked to restructure operations and drive technology expansion and business development that resulted in a dramatic scale in operations and growth in services, more than doubling the number of clients served.

2008 - 2013

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